What You Need to Know About Live Overhead Lines

Sometimes these overhead lines are just not visible on a cold, foggy evening or when they merge with the surroundings or they hang parallel below other lines resulting in accidents.

Overhead lines termed as ‘distribution’ or ‘transmission lines’ hold wires which can be bare though some may have insulation covers. However, sometimes the insulation covers can be damaged or worn out and hence, while working in their close proximity precautionary steps needs to be taken. The law states the minimum height required to be kept for the lines which is dependent upon the voltage carried by them.

Avoiding Risk of Contact with Overhead Lines
Whenever there is going to be work in close vicinity of the lines then there is a need for proper consultation with the involved parties to take place and with adequate planning and good management accidents can be avoided. Options of switching off the lines can be explored during the tenure of your work and if this is not possible then alternative means of avoiding the risks have to be thought of. In this context, understanding the distance between the equipment and the overhead wires that can guarantee safety clearance and determining the competency of the people working in close proximities to the lines is important.

Making Use of Overhead Line Cover
One option which allows a safe working environment below the lines is to use an overhead line cover. This is a wraparound stuff of medium voltage that is applied around the lines and acts as a bespoke fitted insulation for overhead electrodes. This helps to eliminate the occurrence of electrical failures caused by birdlife or trees touching the distribution lines. The material that goes into its manufacture is top grade Non Tracking Polyolefin and this is responsible for insulating the bare lines without incurring expenses on expensive conductor replacement hardware. Selective installation of this line cover is also possible. Insulation covers of this kind offer total electrical safety while work is being carried out under the lines.

Another important electrical accessory besides the insulation covers and overhead line cover is the screened separable connector. Screened separable connectors offer touch proof terminations and are widely used in underground distribution power lines or electric substations besides other applications.

What You Should Know
Every individual needs to be aware of the dangers that can arise from a live overhead wire. Firstly touching the live overhead line is not a sole necessity for the occurrence of accidents; moving in close proximity of the line can lead to a flashover that can be fatal. Overhead held on wooden poles should not be confused with telephone lines. It should be remembered that rubber or wood in a damp condition will not act as a safety tool.

It is therefore highly important to make use of the right electrical accessories in all the related work for ensuring safety of life and property.

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